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What is this "OpenID" you speak of?

OpenID is a shared identity service that simplifies your online experience. You can use a single a single identity to logon to different websites, instead of a different user name & password for each site.

  • It's decentralized, it's free, and you can control the amount of information that passes from your OpenID to OpenID sites like gamerDNA.
  • You don't need to remember a hundred passwords for all of the different sites that you visit. Instead, all you have to do is remember the link to your gamerDNA account.

You already have a gamerDNA OpenID URL!

  • Your gamerDNA member name is also your OpenID identity. Just use http://your_member_name.gamerdna.com any time you visit a site that supports OpenID.
  • Your gamerDNA OpenID allows you to log in to any OpenID-enabled site including Yahoo, Blogger, Flickr and Wordpress to name a few.
  • Don't have a gamerDNA account! Register

www.gamerDNA.com supports other OpenIDs as well

  • In September of 2008 gamerDNA upgraded the website to be OpenID compliant. This means that if you're an OpenID user, you can utilize your OpenID account to access all of the features on gamerDNA.

You can check out The OpenID foundation for more information on OpenID and the benifits it provides!

If you have any questions about OpenID, feel free to drop us a line, we'd be happy to help!